New, different but still familiar to all, with cocoa, hazelnuts and 16% protein. 

Without artificial sweeteners         Gluten free

New in the Viki family

The new Viki krema Protein with hazelnuts, cocoa and without added sugar is suitable for everyone. For people with a sports spirit, for those with a sweet tooth, for those with a guilty conscience or without it.

For friends, aunts, uncles, grannies, dads, and of course for children. For those who never stop feeding their inner child, who will revive with the flavour of the hazelnut, who will immerse in times of the Viki krema known to all, times without worries and without a guilty conscience. May such memories be also the memories of our children. Serve it!

Available in :

piksna  250g

Viki Protein is waiting for you in better stocked stores
in Slovenia.

Innovative Viki spreads

In 2019, we introduced two extremely interesting new products to our customers. Viki Premium contains 30 % less sugar, and the Viki Protein boasts a higher protein content. Check both and choose your favourite.