Even better, even lighter, with hazelnuts and 30 % less sugar.

Gluten free     Without preservatives       Without artificial sweeteners

New in the Viki family

The new Viki krema Premium Milk & Hazelnuts is an exquisite flavour. When you spread it on the bread, the aroma of hazelnut wafts, the taste buds are shaken and eagerly expect a bite.

When you bite into it, you return. Back into your childhood, back into the playfulness when you ate the Viki krema carefree, the Viki krema that we all know. The mixture of milk and hazelnuts adds the premium flavour that will tempt you into taking another bite. Just bite in, without guilty conscience. Viki Premium is lighter by almost 30 %. Recall your memories and try it!

Available in :

piksna 350g

You can find Viki Premium 30 % Milk & Hazelnuts in all sale outlets in Slovenia

Innovative Viki spreads

In 2019, we introduced two extremely interesting new products to our customers. Viki Premium contains 30 % less sugar, and the Viki Protein boasts a higher protein content. Check both and choose your favourite.

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