Viki for all generations,
for over 30 years.

Milk, cocoa and hazelnut.

VIKI Duo is produced from natural raw materials – milk, cocoa and hazelnuts. VIKI Duo has its charm in its taste and in it is two-coloured, which remains over the decade always the same. In every VIKI Duo there is half of the dark chocolate and half white vanilla cream.

Available in :

piksna  20g, 40g, 380g, 600g, 1000g, 3500g

The two-coloured cream consists of half a chocolate and half of vanilla spread. The cocoa gives the chocolate spread the chocolate colour and chocolate flavor, which is at the same time an important source of antioxidants. The vanilla part does not contain cocoa, but it contains a lot of milk powder. Milk powder contains a lot of calcium, which is important for bone building.

Some prefer the chocolate part, some the vanilla part, if we spread both parts together on the bread, both flavours together blend in an excellent taste, which has been a synonym for the tasteful and nutritious two-coloured cream.

The VIKI Duo can be easily enjoyed with a spoon and is also excellent as a spread on the bread. You can also put VIKI Duo on pancakes, it can be used as an ingredient for ice cream, desserts, cakes, and other pastry.

Innovative Viki spreads

In 2019, we introduced two extremely interesting new products to our customers. Viki Premium contains 30 % less sugar, and the Viki Protein boasts a higher protein content. Check both and choose your favourite.